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   Here I present you a simple analog, but powerful 40A constant current, one-way, fully proportional Electronic Speed Controller for brushed motors. With added water cooling in model boats for example, it can handle even higher currents. With the 6 IFRZ44N MOSFET's, the ESC's RDS(ON) = 0.003 Ω.
   The ESC is built up using N-channel Power MOSFETs (just like most other ESCs) because of their good characteristics (low DS resistance). This ESC has no reverse, therefore it is not meant to be used in RC cars or boats if reversed motor run is needed. It is more suitable for RC airplanes. It has no BEC circuit, so you must power the receiver and the servos from a different source. You can either use a separate battery pack or a standalone BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit - I / II) for this purpose. The 4N25 opto-coupler electronically isolates the ESC from the Receiver thus eliminates possible interferences caused by the motor and protects the receiver in case of a malfunction as well.
   The input operating voltage range goes from 7.2 to 19.2 Volts or from 6 to 16 NiCd/NiMH cells.

   Since I don't want to go into how the controller works, I rather present you the schematic diagram, the components layout, the PCB layout, the components list or the bill of materials, some pictures of my own ESC, and provide you with other useful information. Hopefully everything you need to build this controller.
   I hope you find these pages useful and if you decide to make your own, I wish you good luck in your work! If you need additional help have comments or suggestions regarding the controller feel free to contact me.

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Schematic diagram Components layout PCB layout Pictures
Schematic diagram Components layout PCB layout Pictures
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